The House of Terror and the Holocaust Memorial Centre: Resentment and Melancholia in Post-89 Hungary


The Terror Háza (House of Terror, 2002) and the Holocaust Dokumentacios Kozpont es emlekgyujtemeny (The Holocaust Documentation and Memorial Centre, 2004) opened in Budapest within two years of each other. Together, these two museums are illustrative of the phenomenology and competing affective narratives of Hungarian national memory post-1989, and of post-communist countries more generally. While [...]

Peripheral to the past: Memory and microhistory


This essay explores the relations of center and periphery with respect to “secondgeneration” memory of the Holocaust. Arguing against the idea that first-generation memory is immutable and the center to which all other generation memories are peripheral, I propose a loosening of filial ties in favor of the supplementary functions of microhistory. Exploring creative genres, [...]

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