Genealogy & Genetics

8-Part Workshop

Hosted by Julia Creet, Archives of Ontario (Sept 21, 2018)

Thinking of buying an ancestral DNA test for yourself or someone else? Already have your results?

This FREE public workshop brings together 6 experts from the fields of ‘Genealogy and Genetics’ help you understand the science, ethics, social and privacy implications of commercial genetic genealogy tests.

As part of my research, I brought together 6 experts in genealogy, genetics, racial identity, indigenous DNA, privacy and medical ethics to present 20-minute talks at the Ontario Archives. The workshop was live-streamed and reached over 1200 people from around the world. Thousands more have watched it online. The Genealogy and Genetics Workshop is AVAILABLE for FREE online. Tune in to learn why these experts are concerned for the future of big data and individual rights to privacy. If you think these issues are important and worth sharing then please share this blog so people can make informed decisions before buying a consumer DNA test.

“This was much better than any workshops I’ve ever paid for.” ~2018 Workshop attendee

Here’s a snapshot of the topics covered:

  • Where do genealogy and genetics Meet?
  • The science of genetics and genealogy
  • Genetic genealogy and racial identity
  • The invention of white Indigenous ancestry
  • Privacy and genetic genealogy
  • The ethics of bio-data and genetic genealogy

The research for the film also inspired me to write a book that could help the public understand how genealogy and genetic genealogy came to serve the interests of big religion, big business and big pharma. Who are the players, what are their stakes and what your privacy risks? The Genealogical Sublime will be published in February 2020 by the University of Massachusetts Press. Pre-order information will be available shortly. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn where I will continue to share important articles about the developments of genetics and genealogy.