About Julia Creet.

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JULIA CREET, B.A., History, University of Victoria, M.A. History and Philosophy of Education, University of Toronto, Ph.D., History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz.Julia Creet is Professor of English at York University in Toronto. She specializes in memory studies, literary nonfiction and sexuality studies (in a former life). She is the co-editor (with Andreas Kitzmann) of “Memory and Migration—multidisciplinary approaches to memory studies”(University of Toronto Press 2010), and the producer and director of a documentary, “MUM,” (2008) about the memoirs of a holocaust survivor who tried to forget. “The Unread Novel,” a book of documentary fiction based on the same story, is in progress. Julia Creet has published numerous essays and book chapters on memory and testimony, identity and sexuality, in various academic and literary publications including European Studies, The Journal of Aesthetics and Culture, differences, Applied Semiotics, Paradoxa, English Studies in Canada, Resources for Feminist Research, Toronto Life, West Coast Line and Exile. Several of her essays have been translated into Hungarian and Polish and others published in edited collections in Sweden, Poland and the Netherlands. Creet is currently working on “A Genealogy of Genealogy,” a book project that looks the “innate” need to know one’s past and a documentary film on the genealogy industry called “Need to Know: Ancestry and the Business of Family.”

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